{Shana Tova} Jewish New Year Wishes SMS Text Messages 2018

{Shana Tova} Jewish New Year Wishes SMS Text Messages 2018

Shana Tova Jewish New Year Wishes SMS Text Messages 2018

Jewish New Year Wishes SMS Text Messages 2018 Countdown for New Year has just begun and only few days, few hours, few minutes and few seconds are left for it. Although New Year is not observed as holiday in India but still it is celebrated in grand scale especially in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc.

Here we are talking about Jewish New Year which is also known as Roshan Hashanah and it is two daylong celebrations. In this people blow so far which is basically a hollow horn and eat apple dipped in honey as it is considered good to start New Year with sweet. One more tradition attached to this occasion is that people walk into the flowing river and then in the afternoon they flow away all the things of their pocket which symbolizes the flowing away of sins; mostly people put bread pieces into the river. If you are looking for משאלות לשנה חדשות, Jewish New Year wishes then you are at right place, so please keep reading this post.

If you want to say happy New Year to Jewish people or in their language Hebrew, learn Hebrew.

On these days people go for special prayer service at church, they blow horn and other people hear sound of these shofars. It is tradition of wearing new clothes and prepares special food on this day, to show the importance of this occasion. Covered fruit baskets are kept on the table show that no one now which fruit is inside like we don’t know that what will come to us in New Year.

Jewish New Year is not observed as public holiday but people can take holiday for it so that they can celebrate this festival with their family and friends. This Jewish New Year is celebrated in countries wherever Jewish people reside and it is celebrated with enthusiasm and devotion.

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Jewish 2018 New Year wishes in Hebrew Languae

עם ההתרגשות במוחנו ואהבתנו בלבנו, הבה נקבל בברכה את השנה הקרובה 2018 בזרועות פתוחות ומתפלל למסע הזה להיות חלק. שנה טובה לכולם


השנה החדשה 2018, מאחלת לך את כל השמחה בעולם כמו שאתה יוצא למסע חדש השנה. הישאר חזק, להישאר מוטיבציה תמיד לשמור את החיוך היפה על הפנים שלך. שנה טובה לכל יקירי. ראש השנה שמח מאחלת לחברים שלי


אני שולח לך את הראשון הראשון שמח השנה החדשה sms 2018


On this occasion of New Year we have brought New Year wishes messages for all of you. We have compiled Jewish New Year saying especially for all you lovely people. as we know the importance of wishes in any occasion and especially on new year so keeping this in mind we have compiled best and unique wishes for you. If your family, friends and any relative stay from you and you are missing them on New Year then you can wish them with these beautiful 2018 New Year wallpapers, greetings and much more that we are providing you. We always bring something different and unique stuff for you and like always this time also we have brought best and special wishes for you. so forward these wishes to your loves and don’t forgot to share these with your online friends.

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