{New&} Pongal 2018 Quotes Shayari SMS Wishes In Tamil Language

{New&} Pongal 2018 Quotes Shayari SMS Wishes In Tamil Language

New Pongal 2018 Quotes Shayari SMS Wishes In Tamil Language

Pongal 2018 Quotes This is one the biggest festival of Tamil Nadu. Here we are discussing about Pongal of 2018 images for you. Pongal is celebrated with utmost rejoice and Enthusiasm. Now I am Going to Publish Pongal Celebration picture in HD Quality for My Readers. Check Out the Best Wishes and Messages in Tamil Nadu.

Happy Pongal 2018 Quotes Images 2018

{New&} Pongal 2018 Quotes Shayari SMS Wishes In Tamil Language

Dear Murugan Naa, Wish you a very Happy Pongal


Pot rice to Sun God Sugarcane to Cow and Ox Sweet rice.., to.

You and Me Good milk to Friends and Family ..!

Wish you a Happy Pongal 2018 to friends, family, relatives

Sending you wishes for a happy year filled with health..,

prosperity, love and loads of fun ..!!



!!.. When u r lonely,

I wish u Love

When u r down,

I wish u Joy

When u r troubled

I wish u Peace

When things seem empty,

I wish u Hope

And I wish U Too Have A Happy Pongal 2018 ..!!


!!.. No matter how stronger person you are..,

there’s still someone who can make you weak. ..!!

Happy Pongal 2018 Quotes Images


Sankranthi Greetings 2018

A Beautiful Pongal SMS

I met love, health, peace & joy,

They needed a permanent place to stay.

I gave them your address hope they arrived safely.

“Happy Pongal 2018” ..!!


Every year you make a resolution to change yourself,

this year make a resolution to be yourself,

Happy Pongal 2018 ..!!


Pongal-Wishes-Greetings-Wallpapers 2018

Time has no divisions to mark its passage,

there is never a thunder-storm or blare of trumpets to announce the..,

beginning of a new month or year ..!!


Great start for Jan,

Love for Feb,

peace for March,

No worries for April,

fun for May,

Joy for June to Nov,

happiness for Dec.

Have a lucky and wonderful 2018 ..!!



Pongal begins, let us pray that it will be a year with peace,

happiness and abundance of new friends,

God bless us throughout the Pongal.


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