{New$} Lohri 2018 songs Punjabi & Hindi Mp3 Songs Lyrics And Poems Wishes

{New$} Lohri 2018 songs Punjabi & Hindi Mp3 Songs Lyrics And Poems Wishes

New Lohri 2018 Songs Punjabi And Hindi Mp3 Songs Lyrics And Poems Wishes

New Lohri 2018 songs Punjabi And Hindi Mp3 Songs Lyrics And Poems Wishes: Hello friends and lots of our reader, as per last year we are going to celebrate our Lohri festival with lots of new happy Lohri 2018 songs Punjabi and Lohri 2018 lyrics mp3 Hindi for free download and we also bring this collection too for you on this happy lohri.

Lohri is celebrated in the full north east areas which are filled with all the Punjabi’s all over and many of the northern Indian Hindu too celebrates this festival. Many of the north Indian link with this festival and celebrate. it with lots of happiness and believe in spreading the happiness too because lots of Punjabi’s are settled in the most of the parts of the north India. So we can also say that now Happy Lohri 2018 is not concentrated only with the Punjabi’s. The Bonfire just burned on the front of the house and light up for some warmness.

This bonfire light up in the evening of the 13th day of the January on which day this awesome festival is celebrated. They like to throw some of the popcorn, puffed rice on the bonfire and like to sing and dance around them. So we are today bringing some of the Lohri 2018 songs Punjabi and Lohri 2018 lyrics mp3 in Hindi for free download. Lohri is celebrated by many reason as some people like to celebrate it for the ending of the winter season, some like to celebrate it for the happiness of the baby boy birth.

This is the awesome thing that when a Punjabi family got his new baby boy then likes to celebrate his first lohri with lots of happiness and also invite some of the relatives in their home. In invitation, you can invite friends and family members too for the party and celebrate the happiness of the new born baby as the celebration in this day. You can also arrange some of the party too on this day. People also like to sing folk songs on this day among all the sikh community they like to sing and listen these folk and dance over them. They like to do some bhangra and gidda too around the bonfire too with the singing of the folk too. This is the Punjabi’s cultural dance from the all happiness and joy.

Now today we are going to give you a very popular song which is normally hear on this day and people love to sing this happy lohri songs and the poem lyrics. This is the beautiful song which is sings by some of the teenage children for this awesome day on this day on lohri festivals. You can listen and sing the song on happy lohri 2018 this year. This is the song by Dulla Bhatti and dedicated to the awesome Lohri Festival.

Sundar munadriye ho!

Teraa kon vicahara ho!

Dullaah bhatti waalla ho!

Dulhe di dhe vyayae ho!

Ser shakkar payi ho!

Kudi da lal pathakha ho!

Kudi da salu patta ho!

Salu kaun sametee!

Chache chori kuti! zamidara luti!

Zamindar sudhaye!

bade bhole aye!

Ek bholaa reh gaaya!

Sipahi far ke laai gaya!

Sipahi ne mari et!

Sanu de de lohri te teri jeve jodi

Bhanvey ro te bhanvey pit!!

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