[2018$] Romantic Promise Day Messages in Hindi, English

[2018$] Romantic Promise Day Messages in Hindi, English

2018 Romantic Promise Day Messages in Hindi and English

Happy Promise Day Messages in Hindi, English: Promise day is nowhere away; it is very much right around.  Promise day this year is dated on 11th of February in the Valentine’s week.  There are scores of people who are waiting for the arrival of this day.  Promise day is the sincere day in life.  It is the day when people take oaths to stand on for lifetime.   There are many people who make and break promises just for the heck of it, but on promise day people take promises with utmost sincerity and love towards their life, especially couples.  As it falls in the Valentines week mostly this day is celebrated by lovers.

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Happy Promise Day 2018 Messages in Hindi, English Download

[2018$] Romantic Promise Day Messages in Hindi, English


Kâbhi sâb kúch keh kâr bhi bâât âdhúri reh jââti hâi

To kâbhi kúch nâ keh kâr bhi bâât poori ho jâti hâi…

Keh do wo hâr bâât jo zârúri hâi kehnâ

Kyúnki kâbhi zindâgi bhi bewâqt poori ho jââti hâi…

Happy Promise Day 2018 ..!!


With Every Beât of My Heârt I Will Love Yoú More ând More Âfter Yeârs of Togetherness,

This Is My Solemn Vow For Yoú, My Love!

Happy Promise Day My Love ..!!


Wâdâ kârte hâin dosti nibhâyenge

Koshish yâhi râhegi tújhe nâ sâtyâenge

Zârúrât pâde toh dil se púkârânâ

Mâr bhi râhe honge to mohlât lekâr ââyenge!!

Happy Promise Day ..!!


Yoú âre âs sweet âs Rose búd

Yoú âre Bright Âs  Stâr

Yoú âre cúte âs â kitten

Thât’s Whât Ú Âre.

Yoú Âre Everything for me

Happy Promise Day ..!!


Speâking Withoút Egos,

Loving Withoút Intentions,

Câring Withoút Expectâtions,

I Promise Yoú Thât Yoú Will Be Mine Âlwâys.

Happy Promise Day 2018 ..!!


I love yoú more thân âll the stârs in the sky.

I love yoú more âs eâch moment pâsses ús by.

I love yoú more with every breâth I tâke.

I love yoú more with eâch promise we mâke.

Happy Promise Day I Love You..!!


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